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Active Query Builder .NET Edition is a visual component for WinForm and ASP.NET environments that provides you with all the necessary tools to building complex SQL queries visually via a user-friendly graphical interface.

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.NET component for building and executing SQL queries.

Active Query Builder .NET is a .NET part for SQL question maker that empowers you to make SQL requests through the characteristic request analyzer interface. Dynamic Query Builder has all the SQL features including affiliations and sub-questions and is definitely not hard to do. The UI of this part resembles MS Access and SQL Server so it is normal to various databases. By adding Active Query to your thing you can make it straightforward for amateurs and a valuable resource for specialists. Dynamic Query helps clients with understanding the database when working with databases.

Active Query Builder is a section for business applications which empowers clients with no SQL to experience to work with SQL requests and get data snappy. With Active Query Builder, clients can get a sensible viewpoint on database outline and structure SQL requests with ordinary point-and-snap exercises rather than dull forming. It works with numerous database servers, reinforces lots of SQL dialects and improvement circumstances.

On account of the valuable and instinctive choices and efficient menus, it is an ideal answer for both SQL fledglings and experienced inquiry authors, too. The primary interface of Active Query Builder .NET Edition is segmented in three boards, one for showing the pre-owned articulations and items, one for posting all the tables and segments and the last one for indicating the chose tables in a graphical domain.

Active Query Builder WinForms Edition is a visual inquiry developer part suite that permits your end-clients to fabricate complex SQL questions, just as to parse, break down SQL inquiries and speak to them outwardly. Its ground-breaking API permits you to parse complex SQL inquiries for automatic investigation and adjustment. Active Query Builder is a genuine two-way question developer, so you can consolidate visual inquiry working with direct SQL question word processing.

Active Query Builder worked with standard .NET controls, in this way it’s flawlessly incorporate into your WinForms application. Active Query Builder WinForms Edition will consistently look locally with any Windows subject and form as it utilizes kid windows to show database questions on the Design Pane.

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