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Isolates and quarantines the outcome of whatever a Web site may do to your pc, like the installation of unsolicited software.


Version Info : (5.31.6)

Software Size : (5.9_MB)

Avoid viruses, phishing and more.

Sandboxie runs your projects in a disengaged space which keeps them from rolling out changeless improvements to different projects and information in your PC. It offers secure web perusing by running your Web program under the insurance of Sandboxie implies that all noxious software downloaded by the internet browser is caught in the sandbox and can be disposed of inconsequentially.

It has improved protection where perusing history, treats, and stored brief files gathered while Web perusing remain in the application and don’t spill into Windows. It counteracts mileage in Windows by introducing software into a separated sandbox.

Sandboxie is a convenient application that sits between your framework and the projects you run, protecting them inside a separated part of your hard circle: the sandbox.

Sandboxie has initially been intended to expand the security of perusing with Internet Explorer, anyway it is similarly as compelling with some other program, and actually, some other program. Sandboxie wraps an insurance layer around the projects it regulates. It is this layer blocks and separates any progressions the projects make to the PC. Furthermore, this layer is fair-minded to the particular program it wraps.

Pernicious projects and infections as a rule work by attempting to make changes to your PC that serve the programmer’s finishes, yet not yours. Sandboxie is a sandbox application – as it were, a program that goes about as a sheltered zone where you can evaluate programs, applications and connections that you think of being perilous. It anticipates any progressions being made to your PC by containing the program – and any infections it might harbor – inside the bounds of the application, and doesn’t let them free on your PC.

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