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Data Rescue for PC is hard drive recovery software that can recover your photos, videos, documents from: crashed, corrupted or non-mounting hard drives.

Version Info : (5.0.11)

Software Size : (25.6_MB)

Recover Your Important Documents and Pictures.

Data Rescue for PC is hard drive recovery software that can recoup your photographs, videos, records from: slammed, defiled or non-mounting hard drives. Inadvertently reformatted hard drive or reinstalled OS. The past erasure, harmed or missing files. Information Rescue is anything but difficult to-utilize hard drive and file recuperation software. Works when other PC recuperation software has fizzled.

One incredible new component found in Data Rescue for Windows is BootWell. Your PC’s principle hard drive (here and there alluded to as the Main HD or Boot Drive) is the place the entirety of your PC files are put away. When there is an issue with this hard drive it tends to be troublesome, baffling and tedious to recover those files. BootWell is an all-new component that makes recuperation of your fundamental hard drive effortless, quick, and simple.

Data Rescue is an Data Recovery software for Mac. Discover, recoup, and review inadvertently erased files, lost information, and reformatted drives effortlessly. Go past hard drive recuperation software. Information Rescue recoups files from a large number of gadgets including SD cards, USB drives, CF cards, strong state drives.

Data Rescue enables you to protect a harmed hard drive and backup the recouped files to either an inner or outer hard drive (USB or FireWire), removable media gadget, (for example, a Zip or MO) or an organized drive.Alternatively, a discretionary crisis bootable DVD alternative is accessible.

Data Rescue Professional is a cross-good information Recovery software intended for IT experts and business use. Sweep and recuperate from a large number of gadgets including hard plate drives, strong state drives, SD cards, CF cards, USB drives, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Our expert information recuperation software makes performing and overseeing information recuperation at the undertaking level a basic errand.

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Post Last Updated: 14 January, 2020

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