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FinalCrypt is a Java-based application that takes a different approach, encrypting your data using a large cipher file, making it pretty much impossible to crack without access to that particular file. It features a simple UI and is quite easy to use.


Version Info : (6.3.11)

Software Size : (55.3_MB)

Password: 123

Encrypt your data using large cipher files.

FinalCrypt has a cutting edge graphical UI with varying media client direction and a completely highlighted (order line interface) appropriate for home and expert use. Scramble up to 4 billion files in one go. No compelling reason to encode files individually, supporting limitless file size. Select various files and catalogs and encode or decode.

FinalCrypt encodes your files and keeps them shielded from being gotten to by an unapproved outsider. The files scrambled through this application can’t be broken without the last code key.

It is not difficult to utilize in view of its comparable interface as that of the other file supervisors. Furthermore, it likewise gives you a bit by bit control for encoding and deciphering the file each time you switch on this application.

You can encode numerous files on the double. You need to tap on the files to be scrambled and place them in the code file. Notwithstanding, something that you ought to consider while utilizing this application is to erase all the files from your PC whenever they are scrambled.

FileEncrypt is an open-source, cross-stage file encryption stage with two aces in the hole at its disposal. The first is that it utilizes Symmetric One Time Pad (OTP) Encryption, which is depicted as uncrackable, to some degree because of the reality there are no key size limits. Second, it’s intended for mass file encryption purposes, supporting up to four billion files and catalogs in one go for encryption and decoding purposes.

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