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Steganos Safe is a powerful encryption tool with which you can protect your files from things like this. The application works by creating a kind of vault on the hard drive, using a part of the drive to create an external storage unit that no one but you can access.

Steganos Safe

Version Info : (21.1.0)

Software Size : (42.0_MB)

Password: 123

Protect important folders and files.

Steganos Safe is a natural piece of unit that you can use to make safes on your PC, to shield touchy information from meddlesome eyes. It especially proves to be useful on the off chance that you share the machine with others.

A safe is a virtual drive that you can get to actually like some other volume on your PC, with the distinction being that it tends to be secret phrase ensured just as made undetectable when not being used.

Steganos Safe secures a wide range of delicate information on your PC, in networks or in the cloud because of cutting edge 384-piece AES-XEX encryption with AES-NI-Hardware speed increase. Private archives, business records, and TAN records all have a place in a protected spot. Steganos Safe is an advanced vault that secures all that you don’t need any other individual to see. The plainly organized new UI guarantees that this exceptionally proficient security software bundle is natural and simple to utilize. Steganos Safe is presumably quite possibly the most simple to-utilize secure encryption software for Windows PC! Appreciate!

Steganos Safe is a helpful must-have of an apparatus that is intended to make encoding territories on your PC’s hard drive simple and safe. Having touchy information decoded on your PC is a major danger. Regardless of whether it’s close to home or business data, programmers can frequently access your PC and recover it without you seeing it.

Considering this, Steganos Safe empowers you to make however many scrambled zones on your hard drive as you need. Called “safes,” every one of these territories can be up to 256 GB in size. You can likewise transform your USB memory gadget into a versatile safe where it’s feasible for you to securely take delicate reports anyplace with you.

Steganos Safe is a computerized vault that secures your business reports, family photographs, journals or whatever other delicate files that need assurance. The program makes secure circles of up to 2 TB that go about as common framework envelopes when opened and get undetectable once shut. File access is just conceivable with the correct secret phrase!

Steganos Safe is an advanced vault that ensures your secret information. Unmistakably organized UI. Simple to utilize. 384-piece AES-XES encryption. Two-factor confirmation for your Steganos Safes (upholds Authy, Google Authenticator and that’s only the tip of the iceberg). Information encryption in Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive. USB stick as protected equipment key. Backup Assistant. Versatile Safes for USB streak drives, CD/DVD/Blu-beam Disk . Naturally growing Safes (saves HD space). Steganos Shredder (forever annihilates files).

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Post Last Updated: 22nd March, 2021.

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