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The Prophet V from Arturia is a three-part software tool, including software models of the Prophet 5, Prophet VS, and a hybrid of the two. The emulations have all the features of the original hardware, while the Hybrid mode is both synthesizers stacked one on top of the other, offering an entirely new world of possibilities.

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Virtual synthesizer that generates vintage sounds.

The Prophet 5 was the principal absolutely programmable synthesizer available. This progressive synth turned into the reason for all different polysynths right up ’til the present time. The Prophet VS was the last synth made by SCI and again it set the synth world on its ear. Its advanced vector blend brought another soundscape that was then carried on in items from Korg and Yamaha.

We have taken the FIRST and the LAST synthesizers made by Sequential Circuits and acquired them to you a simple to utilize software instrument group. Similarly as with all other delicate synths made by Arturia, we bring you reproductions of the Prophet-5 and Prophet VS both outwardly and sonically.

Utilizing the PROPHET V will be natural for the authorities. What’s more, in the event that you are new to these synths, the main thing you will miss by not having the equipment adaptations is the exercise from moving them to the studio. At long last, since the PROPHET V is planned with Arturias TAE innovation, you can be certain you won’t surrender sound quality.

The virtual copying offered in the Prophet-V 2.0 is a definite imitation of the first instrument and uses the equivalent subtractive amalgamation model. Subtractive blend alludes to the separating of sounds with a particular goal in mind so as to make pleasingly rich waveforms and new timbres. Arturia’s generation of subtractive combination with TAE ensures the sound nature of the virtual instrument.

Prophet V is a vector synthesizer that depends on Arturia’s actual simple imitating innovation to convey exceptional sound quality. With a long history behind it and utilized by mainstream artists around the world, it can repeat different instruments and sounds, which make it a significant resource in anybody’s music generation tool stash.

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