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Version Info : (3.0.3519.0)

Software Size : (15.4_MB)

Offers you all the features of the best Dolby sound on Windows 10 or your Xbox One console

Dolby Access offers all of you the highlights of the best Dolby sound on Windows 10 or your Xbox One reassure. Download the application and appreciate the best sound.

The first run through interactive media diversion entered your lives, it was as the straightforward cathode beam tube TV. At that point, when 5.1 speaker arrangements showed up we were flabbergasted about sounds that appeared to originate from surrounding us.

Dolby Access gives you a chance to set up and preliminary Dolby Atmos, a propelled sound innovation for vivid sound. The application causes you arrange Windows 10 to help Dolby Access over HDMI. Despite the fact that you can empower Dolby Atmos for your home theater or sound bar, you have to pay extra for encountering the progressions with earphones.

Dolby Atmos empowers sound planners to indicate various characteristics of each stable, including area, development, size, center, and that’s just the beginning. This liberates game and movie sounds from individual speaker stations, so they can be absolutely put and moved to stream above and around you in three-dimensional space. Audio cues pursue the on-screen activity and appear to exude from an exact area, regardless of whether a character or article is static or moving, for an increasingly vivid encounter.

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