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Sugar Bytes

Version Info : (1.4.1)

File Size : (28.2_MB)

Sugar Bytes Professional Multi-Effect Sounds Sequencer

Effectrix is an expert multi-impact sequencer, a distinct advantage in the manner contemporary music is made. By painting shaded squares over a sequencer, essentially, your tracks transform into firecrackers. Circling, Scratching, Reverse and Stretching – continuously and on-the-fly.

Effectrix is the ideal device for sequenced sound controls. Change your beats, make new rhythms, invert parts, extend others, apply delay lines; even make songs with atonal material. On the off chance that you like, do it at the same time! Have it your way with 14 Candy Effects of Sugar Bytes most recent Bang Effectrix, every one giving its own step sequencer and two tweak sequencers. It would be ideal if you look at the demo to perceive what we’re stating.

The thought behind Effectrix appears glaringly evident: heap forms up 14 high and tie them into a matrix based example sequencer that empowers the various impacts to be initiated at different advances. Impacts can be layered and synchronized to the host’s beat.

Effectrix Features

  • 32 stage sequencer for initiating the impacts
  • 2 regulation sequencer for parameter remote for each impact
  • 12 subpatterns, activated by means of MIDI notes and host computerization
  • 14 creative impacts

Effectrix Screenshots

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