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FutureDecks DJ Pro is a comprehensive DJ application which will empower you to mix music like a pro using loops, effects, beat-matching, BPM counter, sampler, VST effects, external controllers and many more…

FutureDecks DJ Pro

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Mash up tracks, mix videos and make karaoke transitions with ease.

DJ software for compact and individual use has gotten so amazing and skilled that it’s getting vague from costly favorable to level applications. Xylio’s FutureDecks Pro is average of the new type of DJ software, with all the extravagant accessories, yet it offers numerous valuable apparatuses that different applications don’t.

Highlights like video blending and vinyl timecode similarity are arranged in a solitary bundle that can carry out the responsibility in clubs, live exhibitions, open air settings, and even the studio. Its highlights are beyond any reasonable amount to list, however a few features incorporate full similarity with significant outside controllers and MIDI interfaces, VST impacts, a selectable MasterTempo “KeyLock” include, ASIO similarity, vinyl recreation and impacts, melody review, beat-coordinating, and many examining, adjusting, blending, and circling choices.

FutureDecks DJ Pro packs a wide assortment of highlights and capacities, for example, auto or manual blending, consistent circling, beat coordinating, BPM counter, uphold for ASIO/CoreAudio, VST impacts on each deck, video blending capacity, channels, test player and equalizers, vinyl recreation (pitch, switch play, brake and scratch), blend recording, MIDI help, uphold for outer equipment controllers, separate yield for earphones, and some more.

The waveform realistic presentation gives you continuous sound sign checking, data about the sound sign and the beat musicality. Each deck has 3 waveforms. The vertical waveforms are close to each other so you can outwardly adjust the beats of the tracks.

With FutureDecks PRO you can blend tunes and videos like an expert DJ. Beat-coordinating, consistent beat-mindful circles, outside controllers and MIDI help, VST impacts, exact programmed BPM counter, sampler, karaoke uphold and some more.

FutureDecks DJ genius is proficient DJ blending software. With FutureDecks PRO you can blend your melodies and videos like a star DJ. Beat-coordinating, consistent beat-mindful circles, outer controllers and MIDI help, VST impacts, exact programmed BPM counter, sampler and numerous different things. You have an exemplary DJ arrangement with 2 decks, genius blender and playlist.

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