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Version Info : (5.984_x86)

Software Size : (9.8_MB)


Version Info : (5.984_x64)

Software Size : (11.4_MB)

Complete digital audio production application for Windows and OS X, record, arrange and edit multiple audio waveforms

Reaper is a Windows and Mac software that allows you to record, arrange and edit different sound waveforms.

Reaper offers numerous highlights, which didn’t avoid him being light and low asset use. It is a finished software for multitrack sound and MIDI account and editing. It tends to be utilized with any equipment. All you have to utilize this software is your PC and a mouthpiece.

REAPER is a finished computerized sound production application for Windows and OS X, offering a full multitrack sound and MIDI chronicle, editing, processing, blending and acing toolset. The software bolsters a huge scope of equipment, computerized groups and modules, and can be exhaustively broadened, scripted and altered.

REAPER’s full, adaptable list of capabilities and famous strength have discovered a home any place computerized sound is utilized: business and home studios, communicate, area recording, training, science and research, sound plan, game improvement, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Reaper Audio Workstation accompanies a completely stacked computerized sound studio. Import any sound and MIDI, orchestrate, test, create, mastermind, edit, blend, and ace.

Reaper Audio Workstation is reasonable for recording anything and any size, from a soloist to a symphony. 64-bit inner Music processing. Import, record to, and render to numerous media positions, at practically any piece profundity and test rate.

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