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SampleRobot is an intuitive application through which users can achieve a improve, optimized and simple sampling for their MIDI instruments.

Version Info : (3.01_x86)

Software Size : (40.0_MB)

Create individual virtual Instruments and Sound Libraries in a Jiffy.

SampleRobot captures instruments and sounds consequently – and makes multisamples in one go. At the point when you start a SampleRobot session, a Project Wizard shows up and prompts a couple of inquiries like the name of the undertaking, where the venture will be spared, the sound interface you are utilizing, the example rate… etc.

When the parameters are set the procedure is programmed: SampleRobot triggers a MIDI note, records the sound of that note, consequently edits the waveform and spots it on a key. The procedure is rehashed the same number of times as characterized in the Project Wizard – and all systems like transmission of MIDI note on/off, program changes, sound account, naming, editing, crossfade estimation, circle creation, multisample mapping, and fare are executed consequently.

With spic and span SKYLIFE SampleRobot sound software you can make your own virtual instruments just as sound and circle libraries effectively. SampleRobot offers front line examining innovation.

SampleRobot Multi-X offers a ton of expert auto-examining highlights at a sensible cost. From the efficient Instrument Copier capacity to auto-circle handling and multi-position trade there is all you requirement for your inspecting ventures. The graphical interface is anything but difficult to utilize. Learners can accomplish superb outcomes with only a couple of mouse clicks.

Multi-X represents multi send out. You can send out your inspected instruments to different software and equipment sampler positions. Expand SampleRobot Multi-X with consistent incorporated WaveRobot which gives you a huge wave show with full editing control over drifters, circles, crossfades and discharges.

With SampleRobot 6 Pro you can without much of a stretch do programmed examining. It doesn’t make a difference what you might want to test: symphonic instruments, ensemble, organs, electric guitars, ethnic percussion, adlips, sound scapes, commotions, MIDI apparatus, virtual instruments, alpenhorns or whatever, SampleRobot makes your inspecting as quick and as fulfilling as could be expected under the circumstances.

SampleRobot tests every single sound subtlety naturally and makes top of the line powerfully examined instruments in different configurations. Consistent incorporated WaveRobot software discovers ideal circle focuses in any event, for entire multi-tests with various speed layers during recording. It was never simpler to construct proficient sounding software instruments.

SampleRobot SKYLIFE Screenshots

Post Last Updated: 30 January, 2020

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