Sick Individuals Focus One Free Download

Together with Dutch DJ duo Sick Individuals and audio developers Moditone.

Sick Individuals Focus One

Version Info : (1.0.2_x64)

Software Size : (114_MB)

Signature audio effects plugin Focus One.

Together with Dutch DJ team Sick Individuals and sound designers Moditone, we made the mark sound impacts module Focus One. It depends on the novel creation style of the Sick Individuals.

Its an amazing module with pressure (center), eq (help), contortion (drive), stereo imaging (augment) and a tremolo impact (beat). All capacities have an ordinary and outrageous settings. So it’s extraordinary for both some inconspicuous blending alterations as making an unmistakable and huge sound. The pressure and separating work extraordinary for vocals and lead synths, broaden is incredible for blending and the tremolo is a moment head nodder.

Propelled pressure that pummels your sound in an extraordinary manner. Toughen up your blend. A particular EQ to help your leads. Improve your sound and slice through the blend. High goals contortion to give more crunch and punch. Add music to your sounds.

Mid-symptom that opens up your stereo picture, adding significant size to your blend. Make everything sound tremendous. A savvy tremolo impact, consequently matched up to your BPM. Make fervor and vitality. Change to outrageous mode and push your blend past the breaking points. Make it SICK.

Sick Individuals Focus One Screenshots

Post Last Updated: 02 February, 2020

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