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An easy-to-use microphone, without cables or too many options

WO Mic can turn your telephone to be a receiver for your PC. You need not to pay a penny to purchase any contraption. Furthermore, it’s versatile in the event that you pick remote vehicle. A huge number of individuals have introduced it and are utilizing it day by day for talking, recording, voice remote control and numerous different exercises.

WO Mic is a free bit of software produced for the Windows and Mac working frameworks. Intended to transform your Android cell phone into a mouthpiece for your PC, WO Mic lets you skips purchasing a conventional amplifier and rather, repurposes your current cell phone. With a large number of clients as of now, individuals wherever are introducing and utilizing this software to record for various purposes. In addition to the fact that it costs nothing, it’s extremely simple to utilize and underpins numerous association techniques.

WO Mic turns your Android telephone to be a receiver for your PC. You can utilize it for voice chatting, recording, and acknowledgment. It has almost little inertness (*depending on transport and condition), simply like REAL mouthpiece gadgets!

Consistently change your cell phone into a remote mouthpiece that you can use with any program that requires a jack through this basic device.

Despite whether you are playing video games with your companions, chatting on Skype or maybe exploit another discourse to-content element of a program you are giving it a shot, a mouthpiece could doubtlessly prove to be useful. Nonetheless, some of the time for some odd reason your old one broke and you don’t have one promptly accessible.

WO Mic is a lightweight bit of software that enables you to change your Android gadget into a completely useful receiver.

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