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Serum is a Wavetable Synthesizer plugin created by Xfer Records that has completely taken over the music production world as the most used synth plugin.

Xfer Serum

Version Info : (1.27b6)

Software Size : (227_MB)

Wavetable synthesizer plugin created by Xfer Records.

Serum is a wavetable synthesizer module made by Xfer Records that has totally assumed control over the music generation world as the most utilized synth module. It includes a visual and imaginative work process situated interface that makes making and adjusting sounds enjoyment rather than monotonous.

Serum has a Wavetable editor fabricated right in-you can make your own wavetables in an assortment of ways. Import sound legitimately from sound files – Serum has an assortment of techniques and alternatives for examining sound for breaking it separated into singular waveforms. You can import single-cycle wavetables obviously, just as numerous on the double (with in-manufactured arranging alternatives, or manual re-requesting).

Transform between different wavetables utilizing standard direct interjection (crossfading) or through consonant/phantom transforming. Draw straightforwardly on the waveform, with discretionary matrix size snapping and an assortment of shape instruments. Produce or change waveforms utilizing FFT (added substance). Make or procedure waveforms utilizing equation capacities. Handling menu choices permit you to do different errands you would need, for example, apply blurs, crossfades, standardize, fare, and significantly more.

The fantasy synthesizer didn’t appear to exist: a wavetable synthesizer with a genuinely excellent sound, visual and imaginative work process arranged interface to make making and modifying sounds enjoyment rather than dreary, and the capacity to “dive deep” when wanted – to make/import/edit/transform wavetables, and control these on playback continuously.

Following three years being developed, Xfer Records has finally discharged its enthusiastically anticipated wavetable synthesizer, and a speedy look at the element list makes it evident that Serum (VST/AU/AAX) speaks to a sincere endeavor to create nothing not exactly the world’s most progressive instrument of its sort.

Xfer Serum Wavetable Synthesizer Screenshots

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