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Boost drums in your mixes in real time. Manage frequency dependent drum level using specific sound extraction technology. Increase the impact of your drums and apply the attenuating on a full mix or on a particular drum bus. Tweak the frequency dependent key parameters.

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Audio plugin for drum level tweaking in real-time music mixes.

UNMIX::DRUMS is the world’s first sound module that permits constricting or boosting drums in blended music, progressively. Utilizing propelled source signal detachment (a.k.a. de-blending, unmixing, sound extraction, sound confinement) innovation in the engine, UNMIX::DRUMS gives recurrence subordinate drum level control that reaches from up to +18dB of lift to basically finish removal* – while continually sounding extraordinary.

Regardless of whether utilized on a full blend or on a drum transport, UNMIX::DRUMS can be utilized to shape and upgrade the effect of your drums in an interesting new manner. Donning a natural staggered GUI, recurrence subordinate control of key parameters, an example exact sub-bass (re)synthesizer, our high-accuracy analyzer show, M/S activity and a yield limiter, UNMIX::DRUMS opens up energizing new choices for acing, music generation, test based music creation, concoction specialists, remixers and DJs.

UNMIX::DRUMS from Zynaptiq is a drums processor module that permits continuous lessening and boosting of drums in blended music. It gives drum-level control extending from +18 dB of lift to for all intents and purposes total evacuation, and is perfect for acing, music generation, test based music creation, concoction, remixes, and the sky is the limit from there.

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