Wavebox Free Download

Version Info : (4.11.4_x64)

Software Size : (80.5_MB)

Variety of web tools like Gmail, Google Inbox, Outlook, Office, Slack, Trello & more.

Wavebox gives you a chance to bring all your web tools together for quicker, more astute working. From web to desktop, in one conveniently bundled application! Connecting your preferred web devices to Wavebox is super-simple, and all have full notice support. The software incorporates flawlessly with your working framework to stay up with the latest.

The program is based over advancements that you as of now utilize regular. It does this to use all the difficult work that engineers far and wide have placed into their ventures and to convey the most solid stable understanding to you when you use Wavebox.

Deal with a select assortment of web tools like Gmail, Google Inbox, Outlook, Office, Slack, Trello, and most other web applications from a solitary spot with the assistance of this fascinating application.

Wavebox is an application that gives you a chance to put all your most loved applications/web records and administrations in a single focal spot on your work area… Instead of opening incalculable program tabs and signing all through your preferred cloud accounts, you can utilize Wavebox application to sign in once into numerous clients like Gmail, Inbox, Outlook, Office 365, Trello, Slack and more.

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Post Last Updated: 15 November, 2019

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