ASUS TurboV EVO Free Download

TurboV is a software download that will let you overclock your processor in some ASUS motherboards. Overclocking manager.

Version Info : (1.02.34)

Software Size : (16.5_MB)

Advanced overclocking tool for extreme O.C. record.

ASUS TurboV EVO is a freeware overclocking manager proposed to exploit from the equipment set accessible in present day ASUS PC motherboards. Developed starting from the earliest stage be utilized both by beginners and prepared overclocking lovers, one of the key favorable circumstances of ASUS TurboV EVO is its attention on empowering progressed overclocking highlights straightforwardly from Windows work area. Truth is stranger than fiction, incalculable visits to BIOS and UEFI boot interfaces are not required with this application.

The application is principally centered around empowering CPU overclocking and it gives manual overclocking instruments to different subsystems found both inside CPU (buss recurrence and multiplier) and your motherboard (a wide cluster of intensity guideline settings that are vital for empowering stable tasks on higher CPU frequencies). The application can likewise oversee overclocking of your RAM memory (recurrence and voltage).

ASUS TurboV EVO is an overclocking utility that means to help the PC clients that possess an ASUS motherboard to support the exhibition of their framework. It enables you to attempt various settings so as to decide the most steady design for a smooth PC utilization.

Most PC clients have contemplated overclocking their framework at any rate once, however the idea of managing the BIOS settings made them surrender the thought. This apparatus plans to help the easygoing PC client to show signs of improvement execution details without experiencing the experimentation procedure of changing the BIOS parameters physically.

ASUS TurboV EVO Screenshots

Post Last Updated: 23 December, 2019

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