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JoyToKey enables you to control many softwares (like web games, browsers, office applications or even Windows itself) by using your favorite windows joystick.


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Configure your controller to emulate your keyboard.

JoyToKey (or Joy2Key) empowers PC game controllers to copy the console and mouse input, so windows applications and web games can be controlled with your #1 joysticks! At whatever point fastens and sticks are pushed on the controllers, JoyToKey changes over them into console strokes or potentially mouse developments with the goal that the objective application will fill in as though a genuine console and a mouse were utilized.

JoyToKey is a little application that empowers you to design a video game controller to be utilized with essentially any PC-based video game. The manner in which it works is straightforward: you simply connect a progression of keys to the comparing catches on the controller.

JoyToKey is a completely highlighted free console emulator that permits Windows clients to control their mouse or console inputs utilizing the catches and thumbsticks of their game controllers. This is particularly helpful for a wide assortment of games that are worked without full gamepad support, which incorporates various web games, independent game applications, comfort emulators, and other applications. With JoyToKey, you can assume full responsibility for the usefulness of your most loved gamepad and empower its catches and sticks to work console (single or various) strokes and additionally mouse development, with target application always failing to see the distinction.

At whatever point you press joystick fastens and sticks, JoyToKey will imitate console strokes or mouse inputs dependent on joystick input with the goal that the objective application fills in as though you utilized a genuine console or mouse. You can make numerous design files to switch across various key/mouse tasks. It additionally upholds the programmed relationship with target applications so that the config file will switch naturally when the objective application changes.

JoyToKey empowers you to control various applications, from Web programs to Windows Explorer, by utilizing your #1 Windows joystick. It will imitate console strokes or mouse input dependent on joystick input, with the goal that the objective application fills in as though you have utilized a genuine console or mouse.

Subsequently, rather than utilizing it for gaming purposes just, this equipment gadget can be transformed into a PC controller with the assistance of a devoted software. Such a program is JoyToKey, a lightweight application particularly intended to imitate keystrokes and mouse clicks utilizing the joystick.

Disregard your mouse and console to control games and applications on Windows. On account of JoyToKey you would now be able to utilize your gamepad with any program.

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