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OverClock Checking Tool, overclock your system components.

OCCT is the most prominent CPU/GPU/Power Supply testing device accessible. Allowed to use for the end client, it has 13M downloads since its creation in 2003. It screens your PC while the test is in advancement, and secures your parts by halting consequently once a segment achieves a basic temperature.

OCCT is a Windows application to check the strength. It empowers you to test your PC’s security, utilizing 4 unique tests: CPU OCCT and CPU Linpack went for testing the CPU, GPU 3D for the GPU strength, and Power Supply a blend of CPU Linpack and GPU 3D to completely stack your Power Supply. Each test can be run inconclusively, or for a fixed measure of time. You can even incorporate an inert period toward the start or toward the finish of a test, to perceive how your PC’s temperature ascend from an IDLE state to stacked, and the other route round.

OCCT additionally installs an observing motor, giving you readings of the PCs internal temperatures, voltages, and fan speed, and shows them in charts plotted continuously. OCCT even shields your PC from overheating or harm by including alerts you can redo for each sensor: when you go above (or beneath) the caution an incentive for a temperature, voltage, or fan speed, the test will stop to secure your PC.

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