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RAMMap is a lightweight app that was specifically developed to analyze memory usage and allow you to save the data to your hard drive for later analysis.

Version Info : (1.52.0)

Software Size : (479_KB)

Analyse your PC’s RAM usage.

SysInternals RAMMap is a software device which can be utilized to increase a comprehension of how Windows oversees memory utilization and spare all the data gave to the hard drive, for additional examination.

Have you at any point pondered precisely how Windows is relegating physical memory, what amount of file information is stored in RAM, or the amount RAM is utilized by the piece and gadget drivers? RAMMap makes addressing those inquiries simple. RAMMap is a progressed physical memory use investigation utility for Windows Vista and higher.

So as to see and break down processes RAMMap show you the information in a shading coded way, with the goal that you can without much of a stretch comprehend which processes are dynamic, on reserve, adjusted or terrible. It is additionally conceivable to see a rundown of all processes propelled and the aggregate sum of memory utilized, need outline, physical pages and ranges, just as file synopsis and subtleties, for example, way, size, physical location, file type, need and picture.

Microsoft RAMMap is a complex instrument that breaks down physical memory use on your PC. It causes you figure out how Windows allots physical memory, and the amount RAM gets utilized by the gadget drivers and bit.

RAMMap is a convenient device which discloses to you increasingly about how RAM is being utilized on your PC. The program is focused on especially at designers and Windows specialists, yet it likewise has a few components which will be valuable to pretty much everybody.

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Post Last Updated: 04 January, 2020

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