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The Adobe Flash Player is a software for using content created on Adobe Flash platform. It includes viewing multimedia contents, and streaming audio and video.

Flash Player runs SWF files that can be created by Adobe Flash Professional. Thus Flash Player once had a large user base, and was a common format for web games. Also animations, and graphical user interface (GUI) elements embedded in web pages.

Adobe Flash Player Download Details

  • Adobe Flash Player Version: Latest
  • File Size: 20.1 MB
  • Compatible: Windows
  • Adobe Flash Download

Download Adobe Flash Player Now.

Adobe Flash Player Download Features

  • Create high-performance, more responsive games and content using Action Script, shared Byte Array support.
  • The Adobe Flash Player provide each type of multimedia to play and view directly in browsers.

How to Install Adobe Flash Player

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to Install Adobe Flash Player. Complete Installation Guide with pictures.

  1. Open Setup File.

    Click Install button to start installing Adobe Flash Player.

  2. Click Open.

    Click on Open when setup ask for internet explorer permissions to grant all installation permissions to the application.

  3. Enter Name and Password.

    Enter your name and password to continue with installation page.

  4. Installation Progress.

    Installation in progress please wait 2 minutes and then click Finish to complete installation.

  5. Installation Complete.

    Adobe Flash Player Installed successfully. Enjoy with streaming multimedia.


How do I Update Adobe Flash Player in Chrome Browser?

For Chrome, the Flash player is built in. To update do Help > About Google Chrome and perform the update.

What is the difference between Adobe AIR and Flash Player?

The two Adobe Flash Platform runtimes are Adobe Player and Adobe AIR. Flash Player is a highly expressive cross-platform run-time that works consistently across browsers. Adobe Flash Player delivers innovation within the browser, while AIR, a super set of Flash Player, enables the delivery of standalone applications that run outside the browser.

Adobe Flash Player Free Download

  • Therefore, I personally recommend you to Download Adobe Flash Player and enjoy with its amazing multimedia features.
  • You may also like to Download FlashGet for Browsers.

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