Perfect Uninstaller Free Download

Perfect Uninstaller allows you to uninstall any software from your control panel and remove all files from registry as well, Uninstall a Program.

With Perfect Uninstaller you can remove programs forcefully and it is mostly used for using trial versions again, it will delete all files from system and you can use trial version of any software again.

Perfect Uninstaller Download Details

Perfect Uninstaller Free Download
  • Version: Latest
  • File Size: 2.5 MB
  • Compatible: Windows
  • Perfect Uninstaller Free Download

Download Perfect Uninstaller from eSoftner.

How to Install and Use Perfect Uninstaller

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Install Perfect Uninstaller and How to Use Perfect Uninstaller, Full Installation Tutorial with Pictures. Uninstall a Program

  1. Open Setup.

    Click Next after opening setup.exe file from your system.

    Perfect Uninstaller Download

  2. Accept License Agreement.

    Click on I Accept the terms in license agreement to continue.

    Perfect Uninstaller Free Download

  3. Install Location.

    Please select install destination folder. C:\Program Files\ Recommended.

    Download Perfect Uninstaller Free

  4. Create Shortcut Icons.

    Please click on Creak Desktop Icon and Create Start Menu Icon to make shortcuts.

    Download Perfect Uninstaller for Windows

  5. Click Install.

    Click on Install button and continue installation of Perfect Uninstaller.

    How to Install Perfect Uninstaller

  6. Installation Complete.

    Successfully installed, Please click Finish to open Perfect Uninstaller.

    Download Perfect Uninstaller

  7. How to Use Perfect Uninstaller to Completely Remove a Program

    Open Perfect Uninstaller and navigate to program you want to remove permanent and click Uninstall.

    How to Use Perfect Uninstaller

  8. Click Next.

    click on next button to continue uninstall wizard.

    ChPerfect Uninstaller use to uninstall a program

  9. Check the Options.

    Please see these three option and continue wizard.

    continue uninstall wizard

  10. Confirm YES.

    Click on YES to confirm deletion of program from everywhere.

    confirm yes

  11. Uninstalling.

    Your program is being uninstalled please wait.


  12. Uninstall Registry Files.

    Next to continue for registry files folder.

    remove registry files

  13. Yes to Confirm.

    Navigate to YES to completely remove files from the registry folder.

    delete registry files

  14. Force Uninstall.

    If program is still showing some files click on Force Uninstall to continue.

    force uninstall

  15. Scanning Program Path.

    Click on program path to open program folder.

    scanning program path

  16. Click OK to Select.

    Click on OK to select folder path.

    confirl folder path selection

  17. Folder Destination to Delete.

    Confirm Next to Delete Folder Location Files.

    next to continue

  18. Click Next to Remove Files.

    Finally click on the Next button to remove the files forcefully from your system. Uninstall a Program.

    next to remove

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