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Browse the built-in library of computer-generated effects and apply them to your films, video footage or presentations.

Vicon Boujou

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Boujou lets you to add CG into your film or video footage.

Peruse the implicit library of PC created impacts and apply them to your movies, video film or introductions. Include pre-rendered or manual changes in accordance with your visuals. Straightforwardly process input video files and unravel complex shots in a less time.

Flawlessly include CG into your film or video film. Emmy Award-Winning Matchmoving software that empowers you to include PC created impacts flawlessly into your film or video film. Expanding on its industry driving programmed toolset boujou software, boujou 5 permits you to settle complex shots significantly quicker and to step in and work legitimately with the information. boujou 5 has an interesting method for settling which fundamentally quickens the manner in which you work, you would now be able to fathom considerably more shots in less time.

Created for film and TV post and VFX offices, boujou has for quite some time been the business standard for matchmoving, permitting clients to include PC produced impacts consistently into film or video film. When boujou was first presented in 2001.

it gave a totally unique way to deal with movement following. Before boujou, matchmoving was a costly and profoundly talented procedure, adding altogether to post! – creation costs. Everything must be finished by submit key-outline movement, or with relentless point-based camera following. boujou, with its capacity to follow hundreds, if not thousands, of focuses naturally, changed all that.

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