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iMacros Enterprise Edition is a very handy and reliable application that helps you create macros that enhances your work by automating certain processes.

Version Info : (12.5.503)

Software Size : (30.1_MB)

Record your actions while browsing.

iMacros Enterprise Edition is a convenient and dependable application that causes you make macros that upgrades your work via robotizing certain procedures. So as to secure your work you could make robotize contents so you don’t need to make tedious activity each time you begin perusing. With this you can without much of a stretch and quickly begin taking a shot at your undertakings, bypassing a few activities like logins or autofill fields.

iMacros Enterprise Edition permits you to record your activities while perusing and utilize these macros in a split second next time instead of physically rehashing them. This application requires an internet browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for working appropriately. It lets you make macros that contain set of recorded activities.

The mechanized contents can later be utilized on the spot so as to evade physically rehashing activities performed already. You can likewise take the screenshots at whatever point you record so you can see each progression taken so as to robotize your perusing. All things considered iMacros Enterprise Edition is a convenient and solid application that causes you make macros that improves your work via robotizing certain procedures.

Mechanize undertakings across Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. There is no new scripting language to learn, you have full automatic control over the internet browser, so even the most perplexing errands can be scripted.

Web surfing is fun, however numerous undertakings are dull: minding similar destinations ordinary, recollecting passwords, submitting to web indexes or testing sites again and again. With iMacros you record these errands once and afterward let the iMacros software execute them at whatever point you need them.

On the off chance that you have applications that are under .NET. Composed by Microsoft and you have to associate with the site, round out online structures and get data from destinations, you can utilize the iMacros WebBrowser Component. With this segment you will have the option to utilize Net-based software. Fabricate yourself surprisingly fast.

The main capacity to utilize this segment as opposed to utilizing Microsoft Browser Control iMacros WebBrowser Component will deal with every one of its activities like occasion control. Therefore, you will have the option to concentrate on the rationale of your application and the symptoms won’t meddle with your work. , Java and Silverlight support.

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