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Build websites and blogs based on static HTML files with the help of this app that invests in both the aesthetics and search engine ranking of your content.


Version Info : (0.35.3)

Software Size : (90.7_MB)

Static-website-building Windows PC tool

Publii is a bit of software that appears to have seen this inconvenience, and it attempts to put a conclusion to it. The website creator brings close at hand a multitude of tools you can fall back on in order to construct eye-catching designs you can populate with SEO-upgraded content.

Static HTML generators are said to be rather hard to handle, making the negligible idea of building a site an epic journey.

Publii is a desktop-based CMS for Linux, Windows, and Mac that makes creating static websites fast and sans hassle, for beginners and designers.

Not at all like static-site generators that are often clumsy and hard to utilize, Publii provides an easy-to-understand UI much like server-based CMSs, for example, WordPress, where users can create posts and other site substance, and style their site using a variety of inherent themes and choices. Users can appreciate the benefits of a super-fast and verify static website, with all the comfort that a CMS provides.

Publii is a static-website-building Windows PC tool for each ability level, from beginner to engineer. Immaculate HTML CMS for online journals, portfolios and company websites. It allows to you manufacture, change and manage an unlimited number of sites from the same app with instant switching; no databases or other credentials to recall. No coding or HTML required. Appreciate!

With help for present day hosting choices, It will make keeping your site updated easy. Simply enter your details once, and synchronize your changes at the snap of a button. Publii may be ground-breaking, but on the other hand it’s open-source and in constant advancement.

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Post Last Updated: 11 December, 2019

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